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Hi, my name is Jon Condit and I’m known as the Traffic Doctor. I can help you double your sales without you having to work harder at your online business.

Seriously, read the rest of this page to find out how I can help you generate more targeted leads in the next 24 hours than you got in the last 24 days without Facebook ads, social media marketing or any sort of content creation that requires writing articles or shooting videos.

In fact, forget about traditional traffic tactics like SEO, because soon you can start generating so much targeted high-quality traffic, your friends may accuse you of using “black hat” tactics, because you will be generating thousands of visitors from a little-known traffic source they don’t even know exists.

Plus, I’ll share with you how I can even guarantee it converts, so you don’t have to risk your hard-earned dollars! You will get a personalized plan that explains how to increase online sales, not just clicks. Partner with one of the best ad providers around to make the most of your ad budget. Your plan is just a click away!

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Sharon Folkner

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Tom Gerald

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Richard P

Solo Ads Veteran

How Do I Help You Generate Quality Traffic?


We’ll Examine Your Offer & Diagnose The Right Strategy

One of the reasons why I quickly rose to become the go-to guy for people who want to generate lots of traffic fast is because unlike other solo ad providers, I don’t just sell clicks. No. I develop a strategy of which traffic is just one (important) component.


We’ll Prescribe The Right Traffic Source

Chances are you can’t afford mistakes. You also don’t want to lose time on running the wrong traffic. I can’t guarantee you will make a ton of sales, but I will use my rich experience to match your offer with the traffic source that’s most likely to convert into sales.


We’ll Run A Test Campaign

This is not going to be a free traffic source, but you won’t go broke driving traffic either. If you’re like most of my clients who drive traffic on a budget, we’re going to start slow and scale once we’re seeing results. If we don’t see results right away, we’ll keep testing, until we do.


We’ll Analyse Campaign Results

We’ll take a look at the test results together. I’ll tell you what to look for to see and understand whether you can scale. If numbers tell us we can scale - we will grow your online business fast. If not, we’ll test another approach until we find one that works.


We’ll Scale Profitably

Once we’ve dialed in the numbers, we’ll take your income to the next level by driving massive targeted traffic on autopilot, so you can make more sales without becoming a slave to your online business.

My Traffic Doctor’s Oath To You

In 1985 when I began my residency in the Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana I took on the Hippocratic Oath. It is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. It requires every physician to swear to uphold ethical standards.

This oath guided me throughout my entire career as a physician but also in my personal life and other projects I’ve been involved with such as clinical trials in partnership with America’s leading pharmaceutical brands like Novartis. AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer, Galaxso Smith Kline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi, Takeda, Forest and Alcon. I’ve been asked to become the lead investigator for dozens of experimental drugs because I’ve got a street rep for a guy with moral standards.

It may not seem relevant to helping you generate more sales with my automated traffic source, but it is extremely pertinent, because as the old saying goes how you do something, is how you do anything. When I decided to become the go-to “traffic doctor” for people who want to escape conventional traffic techniques that cost too much and don’t provide nearly enough quality traffic as needed, I took on the oath of helping my clients with their best interest in mind. That’s what I intend to do for you. Starting by providing you with some real human visitors, because...

“Millions Of Digital Marketers Are Paying For Fraudulent Clicks And They Don’t Even Know It!

"Dr. Jon, What Exactly Are These Fraudulent Clicks Anyway?"

What is a “bot?” It’s an automated software program that’s designed to conduct tasks humans find boring, repetitive and time consuming. There are good bots and bad bots.

Good bots make the digital world go round. Without these bots things like the search engines, social media, credit card processing and a bunch of other essential online services just wouldn’t work as efficiently as they do.

Bad bots, however, are destructive to digital marketers. Many of these evil bots have been developed in the world of digital advertising, where hackers are stealing a ton of money from advertisers with the help of:

Scraper Bots

That steal original content from websites and republish it through mirror sites.

Spy Bots

That collect personal data for evil purposes by logging keystrokes or intercepting data packets. Stolen data gets used or sold.


That takes random data scraped off the internet like names and email addresses and injects those into opt-in forms and order forms to fake sign ups.


That deliberately click on ads with the goal of burning through an advertiser’s budget. For digital marketers who pay on a cost per click basis, click bots can be devastating.


That disguise themselves as human visitors. Impostors try to get past site security obstacles like CAPTCHA codes.


That steals website visitors and even sensitive email data by allowing a hacker to pretend he’s representing a company when he/she does not.


That combine all sorts of bots into a large bot community (and sometimes a human community of low paid workers) to drive fake hits on websites that pay for advertising.


That takes a bunch of traffic from low quality geo-locations like Nigeria and masks them as first world country traffic like USA or UK.


That plague comment sections, lead forms, and email inboxes, spreading unsolicited messages, advertising links, and other forms of spam. Spam bots are also programmed to phish for personal information that users submit through forms, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords.

“Starting Today Only Pay For Real Visitors, Not Bots!”

According to a study by Juniper Research digital advertisers spent $43,000,000,000 on bot traffic in 2019. By 2023 this figure is projected to cross $100,000,000,000.

I don’t care if you work with a $100 budget or a $10,000 budget, fraud is an issue you should be aware of, because it can quickly eat through your pockets!

I insist, when you partner with me, you only pay for real visitors and real leads, not bots. How? By setting up an equivalent of an immune system to protect your website from fraudulent activity. You won’t be charged a dime on top of traffic cost for this, because it’s your right to get only real human visitors. Plus, I will provide detailed analytics of your traffic campaign so you can validate the validity of the clicks you receive.

Upon request, I will be happy to show you how to protect yourself from fraud even when you drive traffic with other sources in the future.

"Yes, Please Tell Me How To Protect Myself"

What Makes My Traffic Top Notch?

I am confident you’re going to have a great experience with my traffic because of the preparations I conduct to clean, qualify and warm up the prospects to your offers.

1. I clean the click

I analyze and validate website visitors, sorting the fraud from bona fine website hits.

2. I qualify the click

I make the visitors jump through hoops to reaffirm their commitment towards making purchases.

3. I presell the click

I write sales copy that warms them up towards your offer.

How To Get Started

I take personal approach with each client. Please help me understand your needs by submitting your details using the form below. I will respond back with additional information, schedule, pricing and best strategy.

Please note, submitting this form doesn't guarantee I will accept you as my client. Due to limited traffic inventory, I have to be picky about the people I work with.

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    What Are Your Guarantees?

    Quantity Guarantee

    I guarantee you’ll receive more clicks than you paid for. Not less. Not exactly as you paid for. But more.

    Quality Guarantee

    I guarantee you’ll receive more clicks than you paid for. Not less. Not exactly as you paid for. But more.

    Conversion Guarantee


    In some instances I will even guarantee conversions. Let’s chat to find out if you qualify. Start by submitting the contact form above and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

    Swift Dispatch Guarantee

    I guarantee your traffic campaign will start on schedule.